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Want to advertise on the Transgender communities biggest Radio Station in the world? There are various ways that you can get involved.



****STOP PRESS****

We are currently offering a special offer if you take out both a show sponsorship and advert! Please drop us a message for this amazing deal! 


You can have an advert that is played at various times throughout the day. If you are interested in this then please contact us.

You can sponsor a show…this will get associated with a particular show where you will get advertisements throughout the show and also on any promo’s.

Competition sponsorship. Fancy being associated with a mystery sound competition or something similar? Drop us an email and we can discuss this.

If you take out any of the above you will also get a link put on our website. Included in the price will be the production of the advert.

Telephone: 01737 887770
WhatsApp: 07545 501833

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